What are our customers saying…

Charlie Clarke a longstanding customer of Corby, gives a brief overview of his mixed enterprise of suckling beef and sheep.

Free Range Support Network


Mc Entee who is a member of Corby Rock’s Poultry team works closely with the Farm and is regularly checking bird weights and ensuring the correct feeding programme is in place in order to maximize production and ensuring birds are at the top of their game. This is a support network offered by Corby Rock to all their customers to ensure our customers are getting the best out of their enterprises.

Christy and Christopher White, a father and son team, have been feeding Corby Rock Feed for 4 years and have been seeing exceptional results in their pedigree Simmentals. Dermotstown Simmentals are fed only on the best feed and start of on Calf Grower and progress to Elite Show Finisher for preparation for finishing, in order to be sale ready. The feed is a 16pc protein mix, Christopher says it’s very good because there are very little fillers in it and the animals find it very palatable. Christopher states that Corby Rock feed produce, “Superior Fleshing Qualities” and “Great shine on coats”. Christopher is also seeing gains of over 2 Kilos a day when on Elite Show Finisher. Christopher believes that one of the keys to feeding show animals is to feed them little and often.

Beef Cattle

John and Paul Kingham located in Cullaville Co. Armagh are in the business of breeding Pedigree Charolais and operate under the name “Culla Charolais”. They have been feeding Corby Rock Feed for 10 years and their weight gains for age are exceptionally. John states that “The important thing is that we are seeing results with the feed”. John also went on to say “that the service provided by Corby Rock is excellent and he is never let down by the quality of meal received”. John and Paul start their calves on Calf grower from day one and then move on to Elite Show finisher he believes that the combination of the two feeds is the key to his excellent gains. He is in the process of getting bulls ready for show and sale and has seen a gain of 2.5 kilos per day on his bulls and has only been feeding Elite Show Finisher for 3 weeks. That is concrete proof, that Corby Rock Mill feed will produce winners.

Enda McMahon a customer of Corby for over 20 years, shares his approach and feeding strategy in his mixed suckler and sheep enterprise.