Layer Feeds

Our feed formulations are designed to provide the bird with the necessary energy for maintaining its general metabolism and for producing eggs of a desired profile using energy-yielding dietary components. Having a clear understanding from the onset of lay on an egg profile, Corby Rock Mill can help tailor a feeding program suited to your requirements.


Corby Rock Mill have become established as a market leader in layers feeds due to our extensive knowledge and hands on approach of  supporting poultry producers, not only supplying feeds but also technical support on farm and remotely. Our range of feeds cater for all possible systems, each designed to encapsulate the dietary requirements, enabling producers to be efficient in food conversation and obtaining key egg profiles and on farm performance.

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Corby Rock Mill - Denis Carpenter

Denis Carpenter

Monogastric Nutritionist & Technical Development Manager

Commercial Layers feeds

The egg sector continues to see changes in production systems. Differing systems are designed to meet a variety of market needs in terms of egg size, value added nutritional profiles and specific health and welfare criteria for hens.

Meeting the needs of differing production systems is something we pride ourselves, drawing on our teams extensive knowledge of both practical egg production and market dynamics. Altering egg size or nutritional profile through alterations in nutrients, feed intakes or the duration on a diet, is something Corby Rocks field staff can advise you on.

Free Range Layers feeds

Corby Rocks Free Range Layers diets are formulated to meet higher requirements in energy and protein in ranging free range flocks. The diets are designed to optimise performance and meet the required egg profile specific to the Free Range egg market. Due to the ranging nature of free range flocks our free range diets contain higher levels of essential amino acids, which aid in developing constructive and protective tissues such as skin, feathers and bone matrixes to help build the birds core strengths for ranging efficiently while maintaining a desired egg profile.

Pre-lay Diets

As the name suggests this diet is a key steppingstone transition from a low calcium pullet rearing diet to high calcium layers diet. This is an important transition period needed to develop the medullary bone reserves before the onset of egg production. Typically fed at a rate of 1kg per bird, Pre-lay feed primes the birds reserves, ready for peak production together with high protein and energy levels to aid skeletal growth and bodyweight before egg production begins. Its importance is paramount in all our feeding programmes and is designed for all production systems.

Layer Feeds

Phase feeding can be used both to achieve egg size and control it while supporting the bird health and longevity. Phase feeding essentially refers to changing the, energy protein and amino acid levels of the diet as the bird gets older, with alterations to raw materials used and management of mineral and fibre levels to support the welfare of the hen. The concept of phase feeding is based on the fact that as birds get older their feed intake increases while their egg production decreases. This practice can be used to control egg size and can be more economical for the producer and welfare of the hen.

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Nutritional advice and information

At Corby Rock Mill, we pride ourselves in being proactive in diet development and technical advice at farm level and by remote support. We provide nutritional advice to help with your selection of the feeds most suitable for your production system.

For more information on our layer’s diets contact your local representative or the mill on 047 30099

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