Pedigree Beef Range

The feeding of pedigree cattle for sale or showing is a highly specialised area. Quality of concentrates fed is vital but ultimately the quantity of the concentrates and the remainder of the diet is central to an animal performing to full potential. Corby Rock Mill has laid the foundation with 2 exceptional products designed to be fed to pedigree cattle.

These cattle feed products are designed with the following in mind:

  • Maximise daily live weight gain
  • Maximise growth potential
  • Increase feed conversion efficiency
  • Development of lean tissue
  • Encourage hair growth
  • Keep a glossy coat on the animal to ensure good topline finish
  • Increased hoof strength
  • Encourage muscle and bone development
Calf Grower Crunch – Milk Flavour Feed Additives 
(Product code 430)
  • Highly palatable and attractive coarse crunch
  • One of the most popular feeds in Corby Rock
  • Enhanced texture and palatability to promote high intakes to provide fast and efficient growth in weanlings, growing calves, growing pedigree stock
  • This product can be fed from 1 month onwards
  • Contains hi spec Calf Mineral, Acidbuf rumen conditioner and Actisaf live yeast
  • Milk flavour feed additives to promote high intakes
  • Used by many pedigree breeders for a balance between promoting growth and putting flesh on cattle
  • Top quality raw materials such as, Toasted Barley Flakes, Toasted Maize Flakes, Soya Bean Meal, Toasted Pea Flakes
  • Protein: 16%
  • Oil and Fats: 4.0%
  • Fibre: 7.0%
  • Ash: 6.8%
Elite Show Finisher 50 Crunch
(Product code 451)
  • Specially formulated Pedigree ration tailored for the high genetic merit animal
  • High quality ingredients and a range of specialist additives designed to gain optimum growth and muscle development
  • High performance crunch designed to promote rapid weight gain
  • High feed intakes and high rates of live weight gain
  • Providing bloom and good coat conditioning in preparation for show and sale
  • To be fed for maximum 2 months pre show/sale
  • Protected fat to boost energy density of ration, hi spec mineral
  • Milk flavor additive to promote high intakes
  • Acidbuf, a rumen conditioner which reduces the risk of acidosis and is proved to increase daily live weight gain by 8%
  • Contains Yeast
  • Protein: 14%
  • Oil and Fats: 3.8%
  • Fibre: 7.4%
  • Ash: 7.4%

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