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Like most agricultural sectors, the sheep industry is under sustained financial pressure to develop and reduce costs associated with sheep production. Underling areas such as labour and grass utilisation represent major costs to sheep production.  DANI, 1997 estimated that 6.6 hrs per ewe per year were contributed to management and husbandry activities surrounding sheep production.

Corby Rock 18% Ewe Cobs are specifically designed to be an effective alternative in presentation of concentrates allowing alternative feeding strategies to be deployed to aid labour efficiencies and harness fodder utilisation in sheep production either lowland or high. The 12mm pellet called the COB has all the accustomed qualities you would expect from a standard 5mm Corby pellet only presented differently. The presentation of this large pellet means it can be fed on top of grass, silage or in on bedded sheep with minimal loss.

Each cob is profiled to meet the nutrition of the ewe, packed with fortified minerals and vitamins that feed into the essential requirements of a modern ewe, pre-lambing. An expected 200grms of protein intake per ewe per day is required leading up to lambing as the rapid foetal growth sets in. Our Cobs balanced composition and consistency of raw materials like Soya, Maize, Barley and Maize Distillers and in providing that critical protein and energy intake it ensures a positive influence in lamb weight, lamb vigour, lamb survival and aid in the prevention of twin lamb disease.

In preparing for lambing after scanning, ewes grouped according to litter size will adopt different feeding programmes to efficiently and effectively reach nutritional requirements. Ewes bearing one lamb will generally require 30% less concentrates than twin bearing ewe’s and triplet bearing ewe’s 30% more taking into consideration if silage quality is poor then higher levels will be required. Post-lambing the 18% Cobs continue to bridge the nutritional deficit from poor quality silage or hay and feed into the daily requirements in the production of colostrum while maintaining the ewe’s own body reserves.

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Corby Cobs - 14mm
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Ensuring there is sufficient trough space in a rapidly expanding enterprise can be difficult to measure and provide for. Our 18% Cobs primary difference allows for unconventional feeding methods to be adopted reducing risk of inadequate nutrient intake. With a 12mm Cob, presentation of concentrates can be utilised quickly and effectively virtually anywhere in the housing space or pasture. Releasing critical stocking space indoors and reducing poaching and preservation of valuable grass in extended grazing systems are all financial benefits in reducing cost and increasing efficiency, not viable with other concentrate presentations. Feeding by hand indoors or through applicators behind snackers on quads on pasture, Corby 18% Cobs release valuable time for other tasks.

18% Ewe COBS
(Product code 98)
  • Designed for ewes pre and post lambing
  • Suitable to be fed directly on grass or straw without the need for troughs
  • Prevent twin lamb disease
  • Ensure healthy viable lambs, which are quick to nurse
  • Provide sufficient colostrum production
  • Requires very little usage of farm buildings, especially if expanding the flock
  • Not to be fed to lambs
  • Protein: 18.0%
  • Oil and Fats: 4.1%
  • Fibre: 8.6%
  • Ash: 8.1%

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