Our Mission

As manufacturers of animal and poultry feed products, it is incumbent upon us to work to the highest standards. It is imperative that we all work to and obey documented procedures which include product specification, operating practices and full traceability. We must all work as a team in an effort towards achieving common goals and objectives.

Our success can be measured in our ability to get the job right first time, which will ensure that our products and service are supplied to achieve consistent customer satisfaction. It is the company’s stated aim to become and remain market leader with respect to the quality and value of its products.

Our Vision

At Corby Rock our vision is to manufacture consistent quality feeds, grow in understanding and pioneer methodologies that enhance food safety, for generations to come.

From small herds to large processing and packing enterprises, wherever new opportunities arise, Corby Rock Mill works relentlessly to give customers the most efficient and profitable return when feeding livestock possible. The one constant? George Quinn’s founding philosophy: offer the customer continuous quality adding value in field and technical support, while building a integral brand.

At Corby Rock, we’re not just committed to feed manufacture. We recognize our responsibility in the food safety chain to better the lives of our customers, our staff and communities we serve, and to inspire others to do the same.