All Purpose Poultry Range

Corby Rock Mill are manufacturers of a complete range of poultry feeds to meet the needs of our customers. Corby Rock wants to maximise growth, meat production, feed conversion and bird health. Feeds are formulated to strive to promote optimum development and balanced nutrition throughout the bird’s life. All poultry feeds are produced with only the best quality raw materials which are fully traceable.


Our range of Backyard Flocks/Non-Commercial Poultry feeds, cater for a wide range of poultry species and ages which are produced on non-commercial scale. We pride ourselves in providing consistent, balanced nutrition which allows for a wide variety of production environments.

Turkey/Poultry Starter Pellet
(Product code 211)
Manufactured as a 2.2mm mini pellet. The diet is suitable for starting Turkey, Broilers and Game birds from day old and is designed to encourage early feed intake in the first few days of life. The diet is balanced with mineral and vitamins to promote early feathering and to develop a good sound body frame.
Turkey/Poultry Grower Pellet
(Product code 261)

Suitable for feeding to growing Turkeys, Broilers and Game birds. A high quality, high energy diet designed to achieve good consistent growth and frame development. A well balanced vitamin enriched grower pellet.

Turkey/Poultry Finisher Pellet
(Product code 262)
Suitable for feeding to finishing Turkeys, Broilers and Game birds. This will provide your birds with excellent weight gain and the perfect finish. This can also be fed as a game release feed.
Free Range Layers
  • Free Range Layers Mash (Product Code 19)
  • Layers Pellets (Product Code 260)

Our Layers diets are formulated to meet the energy and protein requirements of the laying birds throughout production. Essential nutrients are provided to promote good health and well-being in the bird as well as supporting excellent egg production. The diets contain quality proteins and all essential amino acids for good feather development and egg production. The diets are nutritionally balanced with vitamins and minerals for feeding from 16 weeks of age.

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