Acidbuf – By Celtic Sea Minerals


Pure Rumen Conditioning

Acid Buf conditions the rumen and allows it to work more efficiently. Acid Buf is manufactured from calcareous marine algae, which is harvested from clean, unpolluted waters off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland. It is a highly effective rumen buffer and pure source of bio-available minerals deposited within its structure by the sea, especially calcium and magnesium.

Thanks to its unique honeycombed physical structure and large surface area, Acid Buf breaks down slowly in the cow – conditioning the rumen and neutralising significantly more acid, over a longer period, than many conventional buffers. As Acid Buf breaks down it releases highly bio-available calcium and magnesium to the cow.

Acid Buf in the lactating cow

  • Better neutralisation of rumen acid
  • Excellent source of bio-available minerals
  • Improves fibre digestion
  • Boosts milk yield and quality

Acid Buf in the dry cow

  • Allows increased concentrate feeding close to calving
  • Excellent source of bio-available minerals
  • Reduces the risk of metabolic disorders
  • Conditions the rumen for lactation