Ovimax Information

Ovimax at Corby Rock Mill

Ovimax is a combination product of coated calcium butyrate and calcium lactate on a specific carrier. This combination has a positive effect on the energy metabolism in the liver. Also it acts as an extra calcium source and stimulates the calcium metabolism. Next to that; Ovimax is an energy source for the cell of the intestinal wall. It stimulates the growth of villi in the intestinal tract, thereby increasing the reabsorption surface.

This results in better digestion and absorption of nutrients. It will also help to reduce the prevalence of pathogenic bacteria (like E.coli, Salmonella and Clostridium) in the intestinal tract and avoid inflammation of the gut. Test results, supported by practice show that Ovimax in laying hens results in a lower feed intake while maintaining lay, a prolonged peak of lay, more grade A and less downgraded eggs.